*This is due on Thursday, 12/1 to

For this response assignment, you will refer to one of the following articles…


  • and then you will read a review (pick 1)…



by Roger Ebert.


The above three articles can be found on the right-hand side of this page:


  1. Read one article from the first two listed.
  2. Summarize the article and use it in your response to the question “How did Mary Shelley’s book explore the limits of science and how are those scientific ideas being explored today?”  Use at least one quote and/or paraphrased piece of information from the article.  {Correctly cite the author’s last name—> (last name).} (Intro, Body Paragraph 1, 2)
  3. In your third paragraph, review the film and talk about whether or not the film did a good job of adapting the book, taking into consideration that there are 113+ adaptations. Use at least one quote from the review provided or one you have found. (Body Paragraph 3)
  4. Write a conclusion. (Conclusion)


**For extra credit, watch the short silent film made in 1910 or ANY ADAPTATION. Summarize and then review that film, and talk about how it was accurate, groundbreaking, etc.  This is a separate assignment- due 12/8.

The film from 1910 can be found here:

And this is a handy list of other adaptations that are noteworthy…

Blog #6- The Princess Bride Written Film Review

princess bride pciture



The Princess Bride


Now that you have read the book and seen the movie, what do you think?  Answer the following questions in paragraph form and post your written response on your blog or in ebackback by Monday, October 24th.

What did you like about the film?  What did you like about the book?  Be specific.

What did you dislike about the film?  What did you dislike about the book?

Why do you think this movie has such a loyal audience, even to this day?  What is appealing about the story and its characters?

What were two of your favorite lines from the book or the film?


***Use and cite from the following review by Roger Ebert to help you:

and/ or the review from The New York Times:


Blog #5- Themes of Big Fish

                                                          big-fish pic

Blog #5

What are some of the main themes of the film Big Fish?  What are some of the lessons the narrator was trying to teach us?  Which one resonated with you the most?  Why?

Answer this blog in a thoughtful manner, referencing the film and its characters and even specific lines.

*This response should be about 2-3 paragraphs in length, and it should be submitted here as a comment or to ebackpack by Friday, October 14th.

Blog #4: The Princess Bride>>2 Thought Questions

princess bride pciture         Thought Questions:  

Please answer the following two questions thoughtfully and completely.


Who is the hero, or heroine, of The Princess Bride (you may not choose Westley, just to keep it interesting) so far?


There are a variety of symbols in The Princess Bride: the six-fingered sword, the rhymes, “Dread Pirate Roberts,” the marriage of Buttercup to Prince Humperdinck, as well as a number of others. Choose one of these and provide a detailed explanation of what idea, concept or theme the symbol represents, as well as why it is significant within the novel.


**This blog is due Monday, September 26, 2016.

Rocky as the Great American Hero—Response Paper #1

rocky poster pic Rocky was written by Sylvester Stallone, who also stars in it. I have chosen to show this film for the past few years for several reasons. The first reason is because I used to show Citizen Kane, which was directed by Orson Welles and came out in 1941…1941…you see my dilemma now, right?  It is 2015, and although that film is know for its ground-breaking style, wonderful narrative style, etc., with so many award-winning films out there, I decided to look for one that was more recent and still had an engaging backstory.

Rocky fits the bill because it is more than just a story about a boxer, and it has remained a classic film for just about 40 years, with many sequels and spin-offs, and Sylvester Stallone is still going strong today.

A second reason I show it is because it is listed as one of AFI’s 100 Greatest American Films (#57) along with Citizen Kane and The Godfather and many other films we will watch and discuss over this next year.  

Still another reason why I chose this film is because I had a friend in grade school named Jennifer Stallone, and she was a relative of Mr. Sylvester Stallone, and they even owned a restaurant named Stallone’s 🙂

Read this article about Rocky, by Klemesrud (“Rocky” article by Klemesrud ), and read the two reviews of the film by Canby and Ebert (rocky reviews) after/as we watch the film in class.

Response Paper #1:

Your initial thoughts on the film Rocky.  The paper outline can be found here.

How is Rocky (the character) a hero?  How is his story so relatable?   How is Sylvester Stallone also a hero? Use specific references to the film, the articles and the reviews to expand on your comments.  It should be about 250 words and 4-5 paragraphs.  It will be graded on content, organization, development, and mechanics.

This paper is due Wednesday, October 5th, and it should be submitted to  Papers are due by midnight.



Blog #1: What is the true definition of a hero?

Our first unit in Literature and Film 12 Honors will be based around answering the question “What is the true definition of a hero?”  We will explore this idea through various stories, films, and assignments.

For your first assignment and blog response, please find videos or images, or just write your thoughts on the topic: “What is the true definition of a hero?”  Please include your written answer, along with video footage (from youtube is fine) on your blog page.  I would like to learn more about you and what you believe about heroes and villains, etc.

Also, are there any great movies you would like to suggest to the class?  Or any great viral videos out now that are especially funny or moving, etc.?  How about books or stories you would like to share?  (Summer reading is due on September 16th!)  Feel free to add those to your first blog, too.  We want to get to know each other as the year starts, and what better way than through film and literature.

One of our favorite videos in my family is the BatDad series. He is so funny! And his wife deserves a lot of credit because she puts up with  a lot.


Bat Dad Videos



**There are certain blog guidelines, which you should follow each time you write a response.

General Blog Guidelines:

1.  Answer the questions that I have proposed completely.  Most often, I will ask you to read and/or watch something first, so therefore I will require you to refer to the articles and or/or films, etc. in your blog posts.  Failing to do so when asked will result in a significantly lower grade.

2. You may be asked to post a picture or document to your blog.  Please do so when asked. 3.  I will ask that you write comments on other’ blogs.  I will then approve and post them.  Be respectful and say something- not just “that’s a nice thought…” or “I agree..” Be thoughtful in your comments.

3.  I may ask you to approve the comments on your blog posts.  If so, please do so in a timely manner, and alert me if you are uncomfortable with the comments made by other students.  We will rectify the situation, but not if I don’t know about it.

4.  Blog posts need titles.  Number the blogs according to the blog number I have given it, and then come up with a creative title for your blog.

5.  You will be graded on content, creativity, development, and mechanics.

TONIGHT–Go home and make your blog page with a short “About Me” page.  Play around with settings.  Then, answer Blog #1.  Tomorrow we will start talking about heroes and villains, etc.

***Here are the directions for adding yourself to my class…

How to get a blog directions

What is a hero? Blog Posts #2 and #3


Superheroes-2 pic

This year we are starting off the class with a wonderful unit centered around the theme of heroism.  We will read a book entitled The Princess Bride by William Goldman, which can be found here,  and we will read other fairy tales and articles.  This book should be read by Friday, September 23rd.  A test and additional writing assignments will follow.

We will also watch several films as part of our hero unit, including Rocky and Big Fish,                                               big-fish pic   and we will hold several discussions using a blog format.



Blogs #2 and #3

To begin this unit, we will read the fairy tales “Sleeping Beauty” and “Rumpelstiltskin.”

Sleeping Beauty text

Sleeping-Beauty-sleeping-beauty-13705563-800-600 pi



Rumpelstiltskin text

rumpelstilskin pic

Blog #2: 

What are the features of a fairy tale?  Make a visual representation of the features of a fairy tale, using these key words as a guide: heroes, villains, use of magic, happy ending, morals, setting, conflict, and searching. Upload your visual representation of the fairy tale (using “Sleeping Beauty” and “Rumpelstiltskin” as a guide) by taking a picture and uploading it to the first blog.

Then write a few lines under your picture, stating how these two stories adhere to the fairy tale format and what they may also have added to their stories.  This is due Monday, September 12th.


Blog #3:

Next, read these two articles on the topics of why we still love fairy tales, here, and why they are still necessary as a part of childhood, here.

Write a short blog response of two to three paragraphs, explaining why you feel fairy tales are an important genre to read and watch in childhood and even adulthood, or give an explanation as to why you do not believe fairy tales to be important for anyone to read and know about.  Reference the two articles, using a quote or two from either or both articles, and also reference the fairy tales we have read.

This third blog is due Thursday, September 15th.