Blog #1: What is the true definition of a hero?

Our first unit in Literature and Film 12 Honors will be based around answering the question “What is the true definition of a hero?”  We will explore this idea through various stories, films, and assignments.

For your first assignment and blog response, please find videos or images, or just write your thoughts on the topic: “What is the true definition of a hero?”  Please include your written answer, along with video footage (from youtube is fine) on your blog page.  I would like to learn more about you and what you believe about heroes and villains, etc.

Also, are there any great movies you would like to suggest to the class?  Or any great viral videos out now that are especially funny or moving, etc.?  How about books or stories you would like to share?  (Summer reading is due on September 16th!)  Feel free to add those to your first blog, too.  We want to get to know each other as the year starts, and what better way than through film and literature.

One of our favorite videos in my family is the BatDad series. He is so funny! And his wife deserves a lot of credit because she puts up with  a lot.


Bat Dad Videos



**There are certain blog guidelines, which you should follow each time you write a response.

General Blog Guidelines:

1.  Answer the questions that I have proposed completely.  Most often, I will ask you to read and/or watch something first, so therefore I will require you to refer to the articles and or/or films, etc. in your blog posts.  Failing to do so when asked will result in a significantly lower grade.

2. You may be asked to post a picture or document to your blog.  Please do so when asked. 3.  I will ask that you write comments on other’ blogs.  I will then approve and post them.  Be respectful and say something- not just “that’s a nice thought…” or “I agree..” Be thoughtful in your comments.

3.  I may ask you to approve the comments on your blog posts.  If so, please do so in a timely manner, and alert me if you are uncomfortable with the comments made by other students.  We will rectify the situation, but not if I don’t know about it.

4.  Blog posts need titles.  Number the blogs according to the blog number I have given it, and then come up with a creative title for your blog.

5.  You will be graded on content, creativity, development, and mechanics.

TONIGHT–Go home and make your blog page with a short “About Me” page.  Play around with settings.  Then, answer Blog #1.  Tomorrow we will start talking about heroes and villains, etc.

***Here are the directions for adding yourself to my class…

How to get a blog directions

17 thoughts on “Blog #1: What is the true definition of a hero?

  1. The true definition of a hero varies depending on who you’re talking to. I believe that a hero isn’t always a person in a crazy costume. A hero can be the person that picks up someone else’s tab at a restaurant who can’t pay it, or a person who saves another person’s life. I don’t think someone necessarily has to have super powers to make them a super hero.

  2. A hero is someone who sacrifices themselves for others. Putting others before yourself makes you hero in more ways the one, demonstrating the ability to be a leader and doing good towards others by trying to make them happy in times of need. You don’t need a cape to be a hero, good intentions and being honest makes you a hero too, being someones guidance when they really need it. On top of that being a hero means standing up for your ideals, morals and values including the ones of others. Standing up for yourself and those around you shows strength and perseverance, lending that to those close to you and even influencing others outside your own sphere of people creates groundbreaking impacts that can be greatly beneficial.

  3. A hero is someone who inspires one to be a better person- somebody who sets an example for others to follow. A hero is typically a character who risks their life for a good cause, such as saving a family from a burning building or taking a bullet for someone. Forrest Gump played the role of a hero when he nobly saved Bubba after engaging in conflict with opposing forces, subsequently injuring his buttocks. Another classic example would be Jack letting Rose stay on the floating door in the Titanic after the ship sank, despite the inhospitable temperature of the water.

    I read two books this summer that are not on the reading list, but they were phenomenal! The first one is “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. The main character Miles Halter goes away to boarding school at Culver Creek in Alabama where he meets a magnificent group of friends. It is all fun and games until a horrific tragedy happens and the group of friends learn about the unknown side of Alaska Young. The second book I read is titled “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero. It is more of a motivational type book for those who find themselves stuck in a rut or unhappy with the life they are living. It was a good pick-me-up read, but it is definitely not everyone’s type of book.

  4. A hero to me it’s someone who helps other and does the right thing when it comes to not only to themselves but others as well. A person who helps the community better itself as a whole. Someone who is selfless. Moms are a great example of heroes. Heroes are everywhere in our day to day life and don’t always wear capes.


    In my eyes, a hero is seen as someone that holds noble qualities and completes courageous activities.
    These activities don’t have to include saving an entire city, they are usually small tasks, that many other people would disregard doing. A hero is one that is not afraid to stray from the crowd to complete these tasks, as they are not afraid to be the lone wolf that steps up to the plate. Everyone has their own definition of a hero, allowing there to be different types of them. In the video that has been included, a hero is perceived as someone that goes out of their way to help someone, as all the tasks completed by the bystanders were ones that are simple and that we all complete everyday. Many different types of heroes exist, from reading to children, to fighting terrorism, the great span of them allows almost everyone to be a hero in a different way.

  6. The definition of a hero in my eyes is someone who helps people out from the goodness of their heart. Heroes don’t help people to get anything in return they just do it to be good people. Heroes are good Samaritans and benefit by helping strangers. They don’t need to do something insanely heroic like superheroes. Heroes can help somebody by buying them groceries or being there for friends when they need you. They support you through rough times and make you happy through many situations that you might not know what to do in.

  7. When one thinks of a hero, a tight suit, mask, and cape often come to mind, but for me a hero is someone who is able to stick to what they believe in and not shift their views due to cultural norms. If you’re able to focus on what you believe in a society where you’re surrounded by outside burdens and problems, you are truly a hero in my eyes. Also, if you are able to put others before yourself, and be truly selfless, you are a true representation of a hero.

    The definition of a hero is different for everyone. But for me a hero is someone who goes out of there way to make others happy. They do something like picking up a bill for someone or handing a hand out to someone who is struggling. Heroes don’t technically have to have super powers to save the day or make someone happy. A small gesture goes a long away. That for me is the definition of a hero.

  9. A hero is someone who goes out of their way to help someone who is in need of help. They are someone who will make sacrifices for others. Our heroes are much different than the super heroes we see in movies. For example, our heroes are the people who serve in the military, policemen, firemen, doctors etc. They all make sacrifices in their lives to make sure everyone receives the help and safety that they need.

  10. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. To me, there is no true definition of a hero. A hero is a regular person who does what’s right when the situation calls for it. Some examples of everyday heroes include firefighters, policemen, doctors, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. Heroes can also include regular people who do nice things for other people, even if it’s just holding a door open or helping someone pick something up. That’s not to say that there aren’t heroes who do extraordinary things like saving puppies from fires or stopping a violent fight when it happens. In short, to me, a hero is someone who goes out of their way to do something beneficial for someone else.

  11. Everyones definition of a hero is different. To me, a hero isn’t someone in a costume with superpowers like in the movies. My definition of a hero is someone who is selfless, and would take any opportunity to help someone. Someone who is there for you when you need them the most. Simple things can make anyone a hero, like being there to listen when you need someone to talk to.

  12. A hero is someone who righteously stands up against conflicts. One who competes in a sport successfully is a a hero, a police officer who protects neighborhoods and fights crime is a hero, a tutor who helps students improve their grades is a hero, even a surgeon in an ER room who saves lives in the middle of the night is a hero. A hero doesn’t have to be a fictional character, there are real heroes in today’s society. Soldiers, doctors, professors, and more people prove heroes do exist in reality. Anyone can become a hero, all you have to do is conquer your comfort zone, take that extra step. I define a hero as anyone willing to solve conflicts of others or conflicts of themselves for the greater good.

  13. The definition of a hero varies for everyone. For me a hero is someone who goes out of their way to help someone at anytime. It could be someone simple and that could make someone’s day. We have daily examples of that from parents helping out their kids at any moment, so not all heroes need to have powers or wear costumes, a hero could be anyone

  14. What defines a hero?

    A hero can vary from person to person and can also vary on what makes them a hero. It can range from simple things like lending a pen or offering food to more dramatic things like actually saving a life. For me the definition should be on the more meaningful side like saving or risking life. For example all of those people that contributed in 9/11 like police, fireman, and ordinary citizens are considered heroes to me. With 9/11 just passing it revitalizes the memory and recognition of true heroes. Yes it’s nice to lend things and help out but that to me should be something you do regularly to be kind

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